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Nichkhun Bribes JYP with Rice Cakes


Park Jin Young has uploaded a new photo on his Twitter account on 23th August at 5.30pm featuring him and 2PM member Nich Khun.

In the photo, Park Jin Young was seen doing the recording works with 2PM Nich Khun for 2PM ’s upcoming album. And Nich Khun was seen giving Park Jin Young his favourite food – rice cake – and Park Jin Young looked obviously delighted.

Park Jin Young also posted a message with the photo, “I think Nichkhun’s recording will go really well today because… “

A representative from JYP Entertainment also revealed on 24th August, “Park Jin Young is back in Korea to do the recording works with 2PM. Do look forward to the group’s upgraded features.”

credit: Kbites
shared by: 2TIMERS


082309 Junho’s Daum Cafe Message to Fans


7:0 PM, KR Time

Hello~^^ I’m Junho

I haven’t been here for a while. Today I have a bit of free time so I can read fan letters thoroughly. However, I don’t have enough time to answer all fan letters which making my fans have to wait for. I am really sorry.

I sometimes answer fan messages in UFO Town, but only some lucky fans got my replies… so I’d rather write a formal letter like this instead.

During reading these letters, I realize that some of you wrote them while on the bus or while studying at night. Some wrote them before going to bed and coming back to write after waking up. Thinking all these, I really appreciate and thank you you all for giving me so much love.

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