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“I want to study because of 2PM”


Students chosen for the ‘JYP Center Tour with 2PM Event’ came to the JYP Entertainment Center on August 11, 2009. 2PM members themselves showed the students the recording room and taught them the dances.

When a child becomes crazy about stars and becomes addicted, their parents start worrying a lot. ‘When are you going to study…’. However there are teenagers who study because of stars. This is because they get a ‘reward’ of getting a chance to meet the stars if they raise their grade. A love for stars that can be a disturbance to studying to others actually became a ‘reason to study hard’ to them.

Kids waiting for the celebrities

Afternoon of August 11, 2009, the day it rained really hard because of the typhoon, Mora flower. Students with umbrellas camped in front of the JYP Entertainment Center, located in Seoul Kangnam-Gu Chundam –dong. In the very front, there were about 10 students with nervous looks. These were students who were given special ‘permission’ to personally meet the group 2PM.

In June, on the Internet Education company’s inet-school homepage, there was an event attracting the youth. As a ‘JYP Center Tour with 2PM Event, they were letting students personally meet 2PM. However, there was a catch to it. The students had to create their own creative way to study well. In a month, there were about 1700 entries. The final total number of students chosen was 10. This event was co-planned by JYP Entertainment and inet-school. This was the 2nd time having an event like this; first event was the ‘Meeting with the Wonder Girls’ event.

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