Jaebum Eats Slugs for the First Time


2PM’s Jaebum, who previously lived in Seattle, USA comments on eating a marsh snail for the first time. Jaebum spent his humid summer with gagman Lee HwiJae, actor Wang SukHyun and 2PM’s Chansung in the corner ‘I’ve Got an Uncle’ on ‘Might Saturday’ that aired on the past 22th August on KBS 2TV.

Lee HwiJae suggested tasting the marsh snails to Wang SukHyun and Jaebum after demonstrating how to eat the marsh snails they caught in a stream. Wang SukHyun inspected it with interest saying “Is this something to eat?” and Jaebum, who never had the chance to taste one in America also couldn’t take his eyes off them.

After being taught how to eat a marsh snail using a toothpick by Lee HwiJae, the two put them in their mouths and chewed, making a strange expression. Jaebum especially made people laugh as he answered “I feel like I’m eating my boogers” when Lee HwiJae asked how it tasted.

Earlier on the same show broadcasted on the 15th of August, Jaebum, whose Korean is not yet perfect as he came from Seattle, made the people around him laugh when he guessed “For making Kimchi” as a country grandma laid out everyday objects and was made to guess what its use was. Also he answered another question correctly and confidently, after receiving a hint from Chansung despite accidentally mispronouncing ‘Yogang’ (A Korean chamber pot).

credits: Newsen + Janne@Madam2PMsubs + Cassina@2PM-online
shared by: 2TIMERS


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