082309 Junho’s Daum Cafe Message to Fans


7:0 PM, KR Time

Hello~^^ I’m Junho

I haven’t been here for a while. Today I have a bit of free time so I can read fan letters thoroughly. However, I don’t have enough time to answer all fan letters which making my fans have to wait for. I am really sorry.

I sometimes answer fan messages in UFO Town, but only some lucky fans got my replies… so I’d rather write a formal letter like this instead.

During reading these letters, I realize that some of you wrote them while on the bus or while studying at night. Some wrote them before going to bed and coming back to write after waking up. Thinking all these, I really appreciate and thank you you all for giving me so much love.

These also make me think if I have shown you on how much love I knew I got from you yet. Recently, there have been many sad matters. You guys might feel not so good, right? Today, I’ve been thinking about these things all day long as well.

We never throw away all the letters~^^ because of our tight schedule, we read them in car, even though reading it causes us carsickness. We also take them to read while waiting for works. We read them before going to bed too. Even though some letters come out in bad shapes or are torn, we don’t ditch them but read them all. Please remember, we never throw away any fan letters. ^^

I’ve been keeping all letters ever since Super Star Survivor which was four years ago. Now a box is full with these letter….When the time passes and I get older, I’ll came back to read them again to remember the things we did at the time, right?

I just want to say thank you, I don’t want to be fake or anything. I’m thinking of us and who I am at this moment. I will go forward and never forget the first step I made. We are always busy and tired, so we can’t hear all of your requests. However, please don’t be upset….We are also sad and regret that we can’t reply each and everyone of you happy.gif

I would like to thank you all for being nice and respectful and thank you all people who will continue to be like this~ You will always support us, right? keke Love & Respect

This photo is for fans who may be thirsty… I took this when I was exhausted after finishing practices…keke

You all are my vitamins~ ^-^

credits: 2pm-online
shared by: 2TIMERS


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