Preview Wild Bunny Ep 6 Dirty Eyed Girls Parody

Here’s a preview of next week’s Wild Bunny episode where the guys of 2PM and 2AM, aka Dirty Eyed Girls, joined forces to give us the highly anticipated Abracadabra MV parody. Even the sexy Brown Eyed Girls made an appearance to show some love. Bet they had a great time filming it. Seriously, how can they keep a straight face while dancing with the those wacky boys? LOL

Youtube fans react:

  • “Hot damn, this show just keeps getting better and better!”
  • “I would like to give an opinion, but some fans might kill me.”
  • “OMG I’m either really excited or really scared to watch this.”
  • “They’re prettier than most girls.”
  • “Jo kwon…work it bitch!”

Watch Wild Bunny every Tuesday at 2:00 pm on Mnet.

If you’re not Korean, you could download TVAnts and watch it there live.

video credit: Symbelmyns
shared by: 2TIMERS


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